Friday, January 25, 2008

Myth Buster: The more I sweat during exercise, the more fat I lose.

Time to take out the trash bag.

Sweating does not mean that you are losing fat or exercising harder. Profuse sweating can be caused by poor fitness conditioning, heredity or being overweight. Sweating is your bodies way of removing heat through evaporation. Intense exercise increases heat production.

As mammals we must maintain a near constant body temperature. Death or serious illness can occur quickly if body temperature exceeds 105°F. At this temperature your bodies proteins begin to coagulate, much like an egg in a frying pan.

Lack of air movement hampers effective evaporation because the air surrounding the body saturates with water vapor, just as it does inside a sweat suit or football uniform. Wearing plastic suits or sitting in saunas or steam baths definitely makes you sweat more and have an immediate impact on weight, but this weight is merely water weight. These pounds will more than likely return once proper fluids are replenished. So wearing a plastic suit or trash bag is dangerous and counterproductive to the proper cooling of your bodies core temperature.

Be Well. Be Safe.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Low Carb = Low Energy


Must people think that cutting carbohydrates is good for you, in conjunction with the low carb craze. Actually it is the direct opposite. Carbohydrates is the primary and preferred energy source of your body. Very low carb diets cause your energy levels to plummet. Not only will you feel tired, dizziness, and irritable without carbs but your training will also suffer. Assuming that you are exercising regularly, which I will address in the very near future.

Low carb = low energy.
Low Energy = poor workouts.
Poor workouts = poor results.

The problem is the weight loss on a very low carb diet can be deceiving. You will definitely lose weight if you don’t eat carbs, but much of the initial weight loss will be muscle and water. In addition to the fact that limiting yourself to a low carbohydrate diet is not something you will able to stick with in the long run. Suppose you lose 5 lbs in one week on a low carb diet: This sounds impressive, but if one pound is fat, two pounds are water and two pounds are muscle, what did you accomplish?
Your goal should never be weight loss. Your goal should be fat loss. You want to keep your muscle as this is the active tissue which impacts your overall metabolic rate. Losing your muscle and keeping the fat will give you weight loss, but the wrong kind. You will just be a skinny fat person.

If you trying to lose weight (fat) the best way is with regular daily exercise (that includes progressive resistance training) and cleaning up your diet, which means eating small frequent meals, controlling portions sizes, low fat protein, and colorful fruits and veggies. While eliminating high-calorie snacks, unhealthy fats, baked goods, alcohol, sugar, and heavily processed foods.

Be Well.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Training Tips #1: Marching Glute Bridge

Beginning Position
Lying face up on ground with arms to side, knees bent, and heels on ground

  • Lift hips off ground creating straight line from shoulders to knees
  • Keep hips elevated while lifting right knee to chest
  • Return foot to ground and repeat with left knee
Safety Points
  • Do not let back hyperextend
  • Do not let hips drop as knee comes to chest
This movement focuses on the glutes and secondarily your hamstrings and low back

Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall...


Who is the fairest of them all. The idea of beauty, body image,
and body comfort is a very important and needs to addressed.
How do seen yourself? Are you uncomfortable with your body
image? Besides focusing on helping my clients get fit, lose
weight, or come into a healthy lifestyle, one of most important
goals is to get my clients is to really appreciate their bodies as a
whole. No amount of fitness or weight loss will replace true love
for thy self.

Within our society we are all under a lot of pressure to have the
so-called "perfect body". On countless magazine, TV, and other
media forms we are overwhelmed with artificial images of very
thin or unrealistically thin models or so-called "stars". This anti-fat
marketing plan isn't healthy for our society and is affecting all of
us and it is reaching our children. The gender most affected by
this are women.
With that being said you can't control the big
marketing machine,
but you can control your own behavior and
attitude towards

What's My Ideal Weight
One of most asked questions I hear is "what is my ideal weight?".
The answer I give is usually not what people want to hear but it is the truth.

Your ideal weight as I say is...

  • One YOU can maintain for a lifetime.
  • One that makes YOU feel healthy and able to do what you want.
  • One the lowers your risk for preventable diseases.
The truth is your body is unique to you. Take ownership of your
body - it is yours, not societies or the other people in it.

Body Image
Sometimes we are our worst critics. Mostly women in general are
very judgmental and critical of there own bodies. Much more than
men. Women in general seek to point out the areas of their body
that their uncomfortable about, such as their butts, cellulite, or
waist-line. The truth is that your confidence about your body
image will always be more beautiful than your discomfort. Losing
weight, getting liposuction, or a tummy tuck are all some what
physical changes, not mental changes and will not fix your self esteem
or make your love yourself. Your attitude of yourself must
change, and this will change the way you perceive yourself.

Change your focus...
When you know you need to lose some weight, focus on
improving your lifestyle rather than attaining some arbitrary
specific weight goal. Getting your lifestyle under your control is
the real goal. Say no more to negative thoughts. If you catch
yourself thinking negative thoughts about you body, talk back

Don't focus some much on getting some number to show up
when you stand on a scale. That scale is only measuring - "the
force that gravitation exerts upon a body" - not how much you
love yourself or how others feel about you. The real goal in all
this is to establish a healthy lifestyle, a positive self-image and to
forget about your weight. Obsessing about your body image is
unhealthy and can lead to eating disorders and other problems
that can affect overall health.

Be Well

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Are We There Yet?


"Perseverance is not a long race; it is many short races one after another." ~ Walter Elliott

Any one with kids has heard the phrase "are we there yet..." from the kids as we are travel down the road on a long family vacation. Are kids naturally impatient or it this learned behavior? They are so focused on getting to the destination, but fail to take in the sites and sounds of the journey. I see a parallel in my experience working with my clients.

So many people looking to lose weight (lower body fat %) see it as a "start/finish" or "begin/end" experience, but fail to realize their really isn't any end. If your committed to taking control of your life and achieving all your physical fitness goals then you must dig in for the long haul.

Everyday is a new opportunity to move closer to achieving your goals, the key is not to give up or quit. You don't work hard for a certain period of time and suddenly wake up with the body of a model or pro athlete. Making healthy choices everyday will allow you to reap the benefits of those choices. We create and live in a world where "quick fixes" and "instant everything" is the going standard. Does anyone have patience anymore? However in reality the best rewards in life take time and cannot be forced.

I recently had to talk a client out of giving up on there goals, because the changes they would like are not coming fast enough. However there have been significant changes to their fitness level, body composition, and overall movement patterns. I like to bring up the farm analogy I borrowed from Mike Boyle (Strength and Conditioning Coach). He says that "Working Out Is Like Farming". First you plant the seed. Then fertilizer (nutrition) and water them properly and consistently. Just like fertilizer, too little and too much can impact your results. Next is what seems to be the hard part for most - we wait for the results. They will happen, not in days, but in weeks, months, and years.

There is no such thing as overnight success. Ask any successful person how long their "overnight" success took them? I'll be waiting patiently for your answers.

See you at the gym.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Key Factors to Fat Loss

Certified Personal Trainer

Are you trying to lose fat? Well of course you are. Most people are trying to loss fat for one reason or another; Especially this time of the year. Well here is the low-down on how to achieve your goals the right way. No gimmicks, no pills, or restrictive diets. Just some simple modifications.

Eat More Frequently
Yeah I know sounds backwards, but there is science behind it. To lose weight you should eat smaller meals more frequently. When your body is in the digestion process this requires energy. When you eat smaller meals you allow for proper digestion, which increases your metabolism. Going without food for more than three hours can create the "starvation effect" where your body will shut down and slow the process of burning calories to conserve energy. Basically it switches from a V12 metabolism to a V4 metabolism overtime. By eating every 3 hours ensures caloric needs are met, which get your engines running.

Eat Less Calories
Confused yet. Well let me clarify. Eating more frequently doesn't mean that you will be eating more total calories at the end of the day. The golden rule in weight loss is calories in over calories out. Simply put "energy input over energy output". When cutting calories don't cut calories too low, because you'll risk dropping them too low which is a risk of starvation effect again. You want to find that happy medium - not too high and not too low.

Throw away that scale…
Muscle is more dense than fat. As you gain muscle you may see the number on the scale rise. However with more muscle, you will burn more calories at rest. You may notice the scale stay the same, your clothes fit differently. It is best not to concern yourself with weight. Focus and measure your progress based on how you feel, how your clothes fit, and visible body fat loss. Remember "Figures lie and liars figure".

Prepare and be consistent
Losing fat is not a 9 to 5, 24 hour job. Permanent and life long weight management is achieved through proper planning and consistency. Being on the plan for a week and then off the plan the following will put you back at square one every time. Just take it slow. The weight you gained wasn't shipped through Fed-Ex overnight - so don't expect the weight disappear that way either.

Focus on Strength Training
Building muscle helps keep the fat off. Muscle protein is active tissue, which elevates you metabolism.

Get Moving
The body is designed to move. Get up and move.

Drink Water
In order to metabolize fat there has to be water consumption. Fat want flush if the well is dry. A decrease in water intake produces an increase in fat deposits. Drinking about eight 8oz glasses a day. If involved in a vigorous exercise or activity then more may be necessary.

Reward Yourself
It OK to have a reward day to celebrate your hard work and consistency. This does not mean go out and stuff yourself with pizza, ice cream, chocolate, etc. Rewards help keep those cravings voices less noisy. Overtime your craving for these foods may subside giving you more control. As you begin to see results you will understand the consequences and the extra work required to burn it off. One way to stay on target is to "pay before you play". If you know that you will be partying or living it up - then pay for it in the gym first.

Limit your “Last Calls”
Calories can sure add up when drinking alcohol. Alcohol sabotages the body through dehydration and there are 7 calories per gram. Low-carb beers add up too. Alcohol is not a nutritional source of energy. Alcohol can reduce your ability to metabolize fat do to minimized liver and kidney function.

Happy New Year and Be Well.


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