Friday, June 19, 2009

Muscle Mayhem Chest I

Are you interested in a simple and quick exercise routine to get you going in morning or evening, challenge you, or just break up the monotony? You may have come to the right place. Give the Muscle Mayhem Chest a try. Its just four variations of push ups involving power, strength, endurance, and stability. Yeah I know some of you out there don't like push ups, but its a very simple and effective exercise that actually strengthens more than just the chest muscles.

I know in most places around this country school is out but in fitness we go to summer school. So here is some weekend homework for you. The program assumes a certain level of fitness (intermediate/advanced) but by all means modify the repetitions or variation of the exercise as necessary to best fit your level, but keep it challenging.

Download your printable copy here.

Remember that EDUCATION and SAFETY always leads to RESULTS.

Leave some feedback once you give it try.

Be Well.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Cardio Doesn't = Treadmill...

Most people when they think of cardio only think of the treadmill, as if the treadmill is a synonym for cardio. Let me check the Thesaurus just to be sure our friends as Websters didn't sneak that one in there. Nope not there. However what I did find was rather interesting and quite humorous.

According to the word "treadmill" as a noun in synonymous with the word "grind" and had the following other synonyms: chore, drudgery, rut, labor, and with a definition as tedious job. Hmmmm... Now as a adjective it was synonymous with the word "humdrum" which is defined as "boring and uneventful" - wow that doesn't sound too good. Some other synonyms included: common, blah, toneless, and mundane to name only a few. Anyone ready to get on the treadmill now?

So what are some other options? I am glad you asked. My findings above are not great advertisements. Cardio has so many great benefits to the human body and there are so many other ways to reap those benefits that have nothing to do with the treadmill. At the core of it cardio is really about training your energy systems. Two of them are anaerobic (with oxygen) and the other is aerobic (with oxygen). So the goal or focus of cardio is really about training your aerobic energy system which will utilize mostly oxygen as energy. Most gyms have the standard stair masters, elliptical, and bikes (recumbent and standard). However I would recommend trying rowing, Versa climber, jumping rope, boxing, playing a sport, doing sprints, hiking, rollerblading, swimming, and maybe some agility ladder drills. The list goes on and on. This may be too simplistic but if the activity raises your heart rate and makes you breath hard - then it may qualify. Hopefully you get the point.

Now don't get me wrong the treadmill can be a very useful fitness tool, but the way most people looking to burn calories or drop some pounds use it isn't very effective. My point is to show you that you don't have to use the "dread-mill" sorry I mean "treadmill" if you don't have too. If you enjoy it great, but if you looking for something different to break up the monotony then the list is long. There are many activities that you could participate in and that can be a substitute for running on the treadmill for hours. Explore and fine out what you like. Share some cardio activities that you like or looking to try.

Remember that EDUCATION and SAFETY always leads to RESULTS.

Be Well.

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