Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Training Tip #4 - Figure 8 Band Push Up

Progression from standard or modified push up focused on challenging the core stability, control, and overall upper body strength.

Beginning Position
In standard push up position.


  • Keeping body aligned (straight line ears to ankles)
  • Lower torso (chest) to floor by bending elbows
  • Then return to starting position by pushing against floor using chest, shoulders and triceps.


  • Keep back flat
  • Keep abs drawn in or braced to protect spine
  • Maintain straight line from ear through hips, knees, and ankles.

Remember EDUCATION and SAFETY always leads to RESULTS

Be Well.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Who is Healthier?

The #1 reason for many people to begin a regular exercise program is for what is termed "weigh-loss". I hear gym members, clients, and friends consistently talking about losing weight. However most don't really stop to clearly define what type of weight they are trying to lose. The weight of your body is not all bad. There are things in your body that make up your weight that are actually good for you and you should want to keep, increase, or make them stronger. Lets chat about it for a while as my goal in life is educate you in order to change your mindset. Change the mind and body will follow.

What is Weight?

Weight is not a synonym for "fat". The weight of your body is broken up in two categories called "Fat Mass" and "Lean Mass". The lean mass is your bones, organs, muscles and various other soft tissues in the body (we want to keep that right?). Your fat mass is the part of you body that is adipose tissue (fat), which is part essential fat and storage fat. The essential fat is the necessary fat you need to live, which lines your organs like the heart, helps regulate body temperature, and is your body's main form of energy storage. The storage fat is where you body stores any calories or energy in excess that was not used for energy or removed from your body. Remember all energy you intake is either used for energy, stored for energy, or removed. Now its the excess storage fat that should be the target. Lowering the excess storage fat will lower your overall fat mass (body fat) to healthier levels which will give you a more lean healthier appearance and lower your risk for preventable diseases. Its all about lowering your risk. This is why consistently evaluating your success by weighing yourself on the scale is not recommended. You are doing yourself a disservice physically and mentally. Let me prove it.

So Who is Healthier?
So hypothetically speaking with all things being equal which woman is healthier or in better shape?

Woman A:
Weight = 200lbs

Woman B:
Weight = 180lbs

You can see from this example that it would be easy to assume that "woman B" is healthier by only considering the weight. Here is another example with more information. Who is healthier?

Woman A:
Weight = 200lbs
Body Fat = 25%

Woman B:
Weight = 180lbs
Body fat = 35%

Don't be fooled by just the weight. You will be surprised to know that "woman A" is healthier and at less risk.

Woman A:
200 lbs. x 0.25 = 50 lbs of fat

Woman B:
180 lbs. x 0.35 = 63 lbs of fat

That is a 13 lbs difference in body fat. So now what do you want to lose? Yeah I know you want to lose weight but its the type of weight you want to lose that should be the focus.

I know this is a hard concept to get a handle on at first, but this is really what you should be focusing on. In the long run it will allow you to focus more on what the goal is and eliminate any frustration with slow changes in weight, no changes in weight, and possibly a increase in some cases. Accept your body for what it is and then do the things you can do to change what have control over. One of those things is your approach and mindset. Use the scale properly and not to judge or gauge you progress.

As I said before if you change your mind you can change your body.

EDUCATION and SAFETY always leads to RESULTS.

Be Well.

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