Friday, October 25, 2013

The Scale is a Liar...

By Ron McDonald Jr | Fitness Coach

Here’s the best advice you’ll ever hear in regard to weight management-- “THROW AWAY YOUR SCALE.” The focus (obsession) on weight is the very reason why most people fail or get discouraged. It’s misguided and dangerous. Do you really think you can sum up how healthy you are by some arbitrary number. Why as humans do we have to quantify are health down to easy to understand numbers. Why do we give the scale so much power? Weighing yourself on the scale to determine your health, is like asking Stevie Wonder how do I you look?

Here is a example conversation between you and the scale:

You [Standing on scale] - "How healthy am I scale?"
Scale [With you standing on it] - "200"

You [Standing on scale] - "But scale I have been working hard and eating clean"
Scale [With you standing on it] - "200"

You [Standing on scale] - "But scale I feel great and have dropped 3 pants sizes"
Scale [With you standing on it] - "200"

You [Standing on scale] - "But scale everyone has noticed a change in my appearance"
Scale [With you standing on it] - "200"

This conversation is going no where, so stop asking the scale and ask yourself. The scale can only tell you how much you weigh in total, but it just simply cannot tell you if you've decreased body fat, improved performance, . If you want to measure your success what you should focus on are:

  1. Do I have more energy?
  2. Have my behaviors changed and accomplished the perceived impossible?
  3. Am I living a more healthy life?
  4. Do my clothes fit better?
  5. Am I physically able to do new and more things?
  6. Are no longer dependent on medications?
  7. Increased strength and lean/tightened muscles.
  8. Is my cholesterol and blood pressure lower?
  9. Improved level of vitality and vigor.
  10. How you feel (mood, do you sleep better, etc.)
And this is just a short list of things. Don't diminish all that you have accomplished down to just numbers. There in old saying - "Figures lie; and liars figure". Numbers simply cannot sum up all the progress that you have been making in "Your" quest for healthier living.

It is imperative to understand that this healthy living thing isn't about weight. Its about being able to live the life you want to live; when you want; how you want without any restrictions. Just keep focused and improve 1% everyday. After 100 days that 100% improvement. Just MAKE UP YOUR MIND.

Yours in good health and spirit

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