Friday, June 13, 2014

Think Fit, Act Fit, Be Fit...

When it comes to health and fitness, 95% of dieters fail and less than 15% of Americans exercise on a daily basis. Why is this? You can scour the entire Earth, Internet, all the magazines, DVDs, diet/exercise books for the best information and so-called fitness or weight management secrets. However, with all this information and resources available why does it seem that people just don't get it and haven't achieved all their goals. We really don't need any more diet and exercise information. Everything you need to know you already know. The hard part I think is in the application - that is applying what you have learned and know.

The key to achieving your goals is really "mental". Success is created in the mind first. All the fancy exercises, workout plans, pills, 30 min DVDs, or diets will not overpower a poor misguided mindset. All the best exercises we know already. All the best foods we know already. You have to change your belief system, attitude, and expectation's about healthy living. There are no quick fixes or special exercises that will magically give you the body you desire. You didn't just wake up out of shape, overweight or obese one day. Your current body and current fitness level is the result of the choices you have made in the past, which are directly related to your thoughts, beliefs, and most importantly "practice" of healthy living. Now there are of some us who are fighting genetic, hormonal, and other limitations that make things more difficult, but our daily habits, choices, and lifestyle trumps all of those barriers. Granted some may have a harder path then others, but its your path - OWN IT!

The process of changing your mindset begins by creating new thoughts, attitudes, and habits that point you in the right direction of the results you desire. Success is a direction - not a destination. Stop focusing so much on the results and focus on the actual steps and the process that lead to the results. Your workout in the gym is just the beginning of the process. Once you leave the gym you must continue to perform and do the things that are necessary to achieve the results. The work isn't over after the cool down and stretch. You will not be able to out exercise the bad habits and behaviors. This simply does not work. It only leads to frustration and slow results.

So as I stated above focus more on the daily process. Its about winning the daily battles that lead to winning the war. Your not going to be able to go through this process without changing something. Mostly likely it will be something you are resistance to change, but this is part of the process. Becoming more aware of your food choices and where you can squeeze in more physical activity is the key.

Bottom line is you have to think, eat, live, and walk like the healthy and fit person you are and want to be. Do this and watch the real change take place.

Knowing is not enough; We must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do. ~ Bruce Lee.

EDUCATION and SAFETY always leads to RESULTS.


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